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Filming the shores of Lake Sevan.5

Recording underwater sounds.6

Filming the shores of Lake Sevan.7

Taking photos of the birds of Lake Sevan.8

The making of Sounds of Sevan

Kaisha Hekimian wins Sounds of Sevan composition competition.9

Gerogi Minasyan Jr is in the studio recording sounds of duduk.10

Tatev Yeghiazaryan has started work on the vocals and we already have the first version of the recordings.Tatev

Kaisha is busy in the studio creating the Sounds of Sevan composition.

Deep Frame team are at the location working on the installation of Sounds of Sevan.Deep_Frame

Working on last minute touches of Sounds of Sevan video.

Georgi Minasyan Jr. and Tatev Yeghiazaryan rehearsing for the live show.
Photo 04-10-2018, 14 50 01

Tatev and Georgi perform live at Francophonie 2018, where we premiered the live version of Sounds of Sevan.


In the meantime Deep Frame team set up the audiovisual installation at the site specific location.


We premiere Sounds of Sevan audiovisual installation.


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